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Wednesday 10 February 2021

Snapshots from quarantine with FEMME LUXE


Now that we’re not allowed outside yet - or anymore, really, it's taking forever for this to go away -, and it’s hard to tell when it will be possible again to go back to normal, being confortable 24/7 has become a priority. If you’re now working from home, I’m sure loungewear has already become you’re new workwear. If not, luckily you’re still getting ready for work every morning - and perhaps still sane - but any other outfit option screams comfy. Sane or not, I’m sure you will as well want to live in these matchy lounge sets from Femme Luxe! Just to look cute inside the house and while strolling from the kitchen to the living room. Or grocery shopping. Online, you know...

Haven’t really been blogging and I know the blogging world is kind of dead as it is not such a thing as it used to be, thanks to instagram making it all so instantaneous and easy. But I really enjoy it, especially now that we’ve been spending much more time at home.

But about being comfortable at home and seeking for the most comfy homewear online, Femme Luxe loungewearsets are my to-go looks - everyday! And oh my sweet baby jesus, they’re all so soft inside! Matching tops and bottoms is pretty much all I want to be in, and if you’ve been following me on instagram you know I’ve been living in the lilac loungewear set… Every single day! Make sure you check their lounge sets because they’re pretty dope. I know you’ve all been doing some crazy random online shopping at questionable hours... And buying questionable things… So you can see this post as a guide to actual confort clothing items you’ll enjoy, feel good in and SUPER soft and warm inside. There’s no bad decision here.

Me? I’d like one of each colour, pretty please? *insert upside-down emoji face*

Joking – but seriously considering on getting a few more sets in other colours because you can never really have too many, right? Right. *insert pensive face emoji*

TIP: Roll up your joggers for a cooler look and pair them with platform boots or chunky sneakers!

Edit, Photos and Art Direction: Inês Aniceto

Lilac Cropped Hoddie & High Waist Jogger Loungwear Set | Femme Luxe
Nude Cropped Hoddie & High Waist Jogger Loungwear Set | Femme Luxe
Pink Cuffed Joggers | Femme Luxe
Pink Ribbed Belted Loungewear Set | Femme Luxe
Black Platform Boots | Ronfe
Nude Chunky Sneakers | Guimarães

*contains gifted products


  1. These outfit photos of you are fabulous, and your cat looks adorable!
    I very much love the very feminine colours (especially the pink outfit pieces!),
    and the very fashionable very comfortable looks
    of these loungewear outfits from Femme Luxe!
    Your long hair, winged eye-liner, mascara and perfectly applied lipstick all look beautiful,
    and you look gorgeous modelling these Femme Luxe fashions in all of your outfit photos.
    I love your poses!

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